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The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the Training and the economic consultancy llc. is a company training and advisory about the long-standing tradition. A mission of our company is a social-economic development of the region and educating on the highest level. The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the Training and the economic consultancy in Lublin took part in the competition organized by the Regional chamber of commerce Provincial Leader of the Business and by the decision of the Chapter received a certificate: Provincial Leader of Business 2009. PTE has an entry in the register of training institutions No. 332 / of P/N/ 2007 and the register of the employment agency.

We are conducting the wide and active education of employees employed in different industries. In the current organizational form we are conducting activity from 1991. The success of every company is based on the effectiveness of her employees, it this way is also in our case The staff qualified, full of the energy rich in the long-term experience which will take care is powering PTE rows about of you comfort and satisfaction. We understand, that development, and consequently the greater competitiveness of companies depends on the potential of her employees. Therefore constant supplementing the knowledge as well as improving already possessed abilities are an important component this way. At this target mainly trainings are used. Our company offers trainings fitted to Customers the most requiring needs. We are organizing business trainings, closed trainings for companies, courses, conferences, seminars, and trainings funded partially in the EU. In our broad offer we offer you both help in the economic consulting: drawing up applications for funding accounting partially from the EU and the service. The technical highest level of our academic teachers and coaches is our strong points as well as nice, professional, opened on of you needs service.


Dear in view of the continuing dynamic development of our company, we wish to inform you that on 27.11.2014 r.The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the Training and the economic consultancy llc.changed its name to European Educational Platform LLC.
At the same time we would like to ensure that training standards and ethics on which our business is based remain unchanged.

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