Looking at the scale of the problems faced by entrepreneurs on a muchdifficult market, seeing the need to seek savings in a crisis.

We offer:

  • accounting and tax services,
  • HR and payroll services,
  • assistance in completing the formalities related to the establishment, operation or liquidation of the company.

We manage the transfer of accounting, will reduce employment, which may be important in the case of the employment barriers for the classification of companies to small and medium enterprises. Accounting services that we offer are carried out by staff with many years experience confirmed by a certificate authorizing the service of accounting, issued by the Ministry of Finance

We have a compulsory insurance against civil liability associated with the business.

For commercial companies, we offer:

  • Developing the corporate chart of accounts,
  • Development of accounting policy,
  • Keeping records of the accounts on the accounts,
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and making deductions for depreciation,
  • Keeping records of purchases and sales for VAT purposes,
  • Preparation of financial statements,
  • Preparation of mandatory reporting to the CSO,
  • Record keeping and payroll and income tax declarations, the settlement of the Social Insurance Institution,
  • Ongoing monitoring of payments and to make transfers,
  • Preparation of VAT returns, CIT, PIT,
  • Making transfers to Social Security and Tax Offices,
  • Development of credit applications,
  • Preparation and handling of matters relating to the updating of the Registry Court,
  • Represent a taxpayer before the departments of Treasury control.

For those running their own businesses, we offer:

  • Keeping records of income tax and expenses including purchase documents and records records of sales and internal documents,
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and depreciation tables,
  • Keeping records of sales and purchase tax,
  • Preparation of monthly tax declarations to tax offices,
  • Preparation of the required transfer payments to Social Security and Tax Offices,
  • The annual statement of economic activity based on tax records,
  • Sales Invoicing,
  • Conduct personnel and payroll,
  • PIT declaration and settlement of the Social Insurance Institution.

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