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From 01 December 2012 we commenced the realization of the new education project in which the POSTIS Association is leading the field. the Project is co-finance from European Union funds in frames of the European operational programme human capital - 3.3.4 Modernization of contents and methods of the education - competition projects.

He is a main purpose of the project:

Elevation of the Level of practical skills letting the Economic Knowledge the Application in the Everyday Life (in particular on the labour market) amongst 360 (158 women) of Pupils of upper secondary schools from the Lublin and Podkarpacki Province within 20 Months by the Study and Pilot implementing 4 Innovative school curricula.
Innovative school curricula which will be accustomed at 4 secondary schools and 4 technical vocational schools are supposed to be an effect of the project implementation and will embrace and the class of the secondary school and and class of the technical vocational school (altogether 8 classes of the secondary school and 8 technical vocational school) of compulsory class classes both on mathematics, for computer science, stewards and bases of the entrepreneurship or the object bloc in frames created. The total number of hours of the realization of this block and each of these objects will be not smaller than the total number of the hours intended to mathematics, computer science and economics/or entrepreneurship in the general plan of the teaching.
Program Economics in practice - will be constructed this way so that contents don't copy from bases of the entrepreneurship themselves. It will be linking contents in economics, mathematicses, computer sciences. It will be leaning for information-communications technologies (educational films, edutainment (to the computer and the tablet), Internet platforms, community portals, service to mobile phones, textbook, script of classes for the teacher along with showing innovative teaching methods) e-booki, and e-textbooks.
Both programs will be based about blended-learning.
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