Business Consulting CRISIS FOR YOUR COMPANY.

We offer companies / companies - in financial difficulties / debt the financial and banking /.

  • Professional and legal assistance,
  • Purchase and acquisition of companies,
  • Liquidation of companies Crisis management.

CHOICE - making optimal and efficient methods of decision in respect of:

Taking action to reduce risks Management responsibility for liabilities arising from Article 299 CCC, Article 21 of the bankruptcy law, Article 116 of the Tax Ordinance and criminal liability arising from Article 586 of the CCC,The company toward bankruptcy or a system,Performance of the bankruptcy procedure or systemic Managing a business following the rejection by the Court for bankruptcy due to lack of funds to cover the costs of insolvency proceedings Negotiations with creditors, Effective protection against creditors reaching the unlawful method of execution, The acquisition of companies with obligations.

We provide EFFECTIVE ACTIONS Systemic procedures and bankruptcy.

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