Human Resources

We invite you to use our latest proposals for the selection of personnel services.

Projects of recruitment and selection of human resources we realize carefully assessing your personal needs and expectations. Recruits both for middle and senior flexibly adapting to the needs of our clients. To ensure the smooth functioning of the organization worth investing in a professional selection of the appropriate density of vacant positions.

We offer a full staff selection process:

  • Developed an ideal candidate profile and exact job description,
  • Looking for candidates to work with the desired profile of the personal and professional
  • Meeting the initial selection of tenders,
  • The use of professional recruitment techniques. consider the documents qualification interview and structured interview competence (CBI), psychological diagnosis (we provide the use of specialized psychological tests).
  • Submit a report on each of the persons who were selected for the client (characteristics, description of professional experience, opinion on the candidate's personality, the description of strengths and weaknesses, suitability for continued professional development).
  • Presentation of the acceptance of our chosen client applications.

In the process of adaptation, we offer employee training services. Price of the service is always agreed with the client, depending on the scope of service.

We invite you to use our services .

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