Learning through Teaching


The Polish Economic Company Plant of the training and the careers guidance LLC with Partners: Education and Information Services of Riga City as Project Lider, and Yalova Çınarcık Distric Directorate of National Education from Turkey, and Learnwell Oy from Finland, andO.S.A - Organizzazione Sviluppo e integrAzione form Italy, jointly implement the project named" Learning throught teaching" LETE.

The main attention of the project would be paid to the participation of adult learners, therefore it is very important to involve the adults in the activities of the project and motivate their mobility.

The project would promote the partner organizations working in the process of the adult education process, to develop mutual cooperation and exchange of experience and improve the quality of the organization of adult education.

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E-book Developing key Competencies for Lifelong Learning

We present You E-book "Developing key Competencies for Lifelong Learning"

ReadDate: 2014-09-26 

E-book "How to develop adults carrier skills"

We want to present You one of the part of e-bookprepared by the whole partnership namedE-book How to develop adults carrier skills. This material contains information about developing basic skills like reading, listening, writing, speaking. It is also saying about thinking skills, people skills (for...

ReadDate: 2014-09-26 

Project flyer

ReadDate: 2014-01-29 

Next meeting in Finland - Lifelong Learning Programme

The stay in Finland as part of another meeting with our partners was excellent. Topic of this meeting was the foreign language teaching. The Finnish partner presented new, innovative methods of the learning of foreign languages of adults to us. Moreover we participated in methods of the research of ...

We were also able to taste delicacies of the finland kitchen, of seeing the monuments. The part from workshops did without on the ferry sailing to Sweden what also gave us the possibility of short stay in this beautiful country.

ReadDate: 2013-09-26 

Meeting in Turkey

Turkey arrived in the evening on Tuesday. The hosts welcomed us at the airport. In front of us happily landed delegation of Latvia. The hotel we were checked in was away from the airport three hours away in the town of Bulusma. Travel to the hotel we used to talk with a guide. On the way to dinner w...

On the first day the hosts provided us with a day full of attractions. We had a chance to see the oldest mosque and listen to information about the Muslim religion. During joint discussions were looking for similarities and differences in religions professed by us. Then we went on a visit to Iznik w...

ReadDate: 2013-06-26 

Meeting in Poland

Between the 5th and 7th of June 2013, we had the pleasure to host our friends from Poland, Italy, Turkey and Latvia, who visited us within the project: Learning Through Teaching. As part of visit were held classes in forms of professional training and workshops. Furthermore, we visited Lublin Castle...

ReadDate: 2013-06-18 

Next meeting in Turkey

All our partners are preparing to another meeting, this time in Turkey. The planned program extremely is stretched. We will inform meetings of results soon.

ReadDate: 2013-03-08 

First meeting in Riga

On days on 19 September up to 21 September a first meeting of partners in frames was held of LETE project.

All representatives of partners attended the meeting from Latvia, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Poland.

ReadDate: 2012-09-24 

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