Project "Mom, Dad, what do you say? - an innovative program of preschool education."

The Polish Economic Company Plant of the training and the careers guidance LLC, along with a partner POSTIS Association of Lublinstartsproject funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Mom, Dad, what do you say? - an innovative program of preschool education.

The project is a response to the problem which is the minimum participation, or lack of content related to economics and entrepreneurship in preschool education programs. This is due to ignorance of parents and teachers about the need to start this kind of education from an early age. The scope of the phenomenon is a big and important for proper development of the child and its proper function in society. A young man from an early age are taught everything from the elderly. This is done by observation, but also through conversations with adults. Mieczyslaw Leuzea in his article, the educational movement, draws attention to the economic education of the past and today. How great is the difference of man brought up in the economy of the interwar period and during the war and after that a man brought up in today's world. The increase in quality of life deprived most young children view their parents saving every penny, or the possibility of inheriting the older siblings of clothes, toys and textbooks.
The project, which aims to create a pre-school curriculum (which includes three modules - for 3.4 and 5-year-olds) with the use of ICT, including issues related to economics, entrepreneurship, ecology, social development and technology and then implement it in three kindergartens in the province. Lublin, will have a positive impact on the environment of kindergarten, parents, grandparents, older siblings and teachers.
The project will develop a preliminary version of the program (3 modules) and a set of teaching materials and teaching scenarios in both paper and electronic form.
Each of the developed programs will include topics like curriculum in economics, entrepreneurship, environment / nature, social development and technology. Classes will be conducted so as inderdyscyplinarnej the use of ICT and will include an educational stage. Due to the spec. pre-primary classes will be concerning. art, plays. play, music, etc.
  1. An innovative interdisciplinary curriculum (at least 150 hours of classes for the entire module for capacity. Age group)
  2. 3 sets of teaching materials (handbook for teachers, outlines of classes, educational films, children's materials, recordings, radio dramas on CD, an educational game on the computer)

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