Project Partners


Education and Information Services of Riga City as Project Lider:

Education and Information Services of Riga City (RIIMC) is founded by Riga City Council and it is subordinated to Department of Education, Culture and Sports of Riga City Council. The Centre coordinates life-long-learning process in Riga City. RIIMC provides courses for adults in four neighborhoods of the deprived regions of Riga having participants at risk of social exclusion. Besides RIIMC provides a wide range of in-service training for Riga educational staff. More than 5000 trainees participate annually in different life long learning programmes. The RIIMC has more than 15 years experience in organizing seminars, conferences, ect. In the project RIIMC will be a coordinator. RIIMC will be responsible for development one of the key competencies - communication and cooperation - through workshops and seminars throughout the project.


Yalova Çınarcık Distric Directorate of National Education from Turkey:

The institution was established in 1995 to manage education and training facilities to the inhabitants of Termal . The centre has been involved in the design and delivery of national education basic principles and training all kinds of groups. Courses designed for in the following topics: Classroom Management , Introductory Seminar of New Curriculum Programs, Communication , Guidance and Orientation Training, Reading and Writing, Language , Turkish Folk Dance ,Fashion Design ,Computer,Hairdressing and Make-up , Clothing. In recent years Termal became more important for the tourists. Besides some of the foreigners have settled down in our town to live with us. So the centre had to adopt to a new trend and we started to provide teaching Turkish to the foreigners and immigrants both abroad and from the east of Turkey.
In the project the centre will take responsibility for creating the common design for all materials developed during the project and will develop one the key competencies: cultural awareness.
Learnwell Oy from Finland:
Learnwell Oy is a private adult education provider catering mainly for companies in the greater Helsinki area providing business language lessons. Tailor-made business language courses in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners courses in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Translations and interpretations to and from 30+ languages, we also provide interpretations at meetings in Finland and abroad for our customers.
15+ years of experience in teaching adults, including ministries, municipalities, banks and private corporations
Experience in learning material creation, educational web sites, e-learning platforms
In addition to the language training and translations we also provide tools for teachers to make material, free downloadable material and other help for teachers worldwide. Our web site has a member-base of over 19 500 teachers worldwide using our tools and materials. http://teachers.thelanguagemenu.com. We also upload free material on www.scribd.com (20 000 subscribers.
The institution has worked with immigration projects, several years of experience teaching foreigners in Finland both Swedish and Finnish, unskilled workers as well as experts within the ex-pat community. Coordinator of the project www.vardsvenska.fi , an online e-learning project: Swedish for foreign nurses.
In the project we will take responsibility for measuring the on-going activities during the project life cycle and will develop one of the key competencies: teaching and learning foreign languages for different age groups. Finland will also take on the
responsibility of dissemination of project results within social networks (Facebook,Twitter, Scribd) and creating a Facebook page/group.
www.learnwell.fi, www.vardsvenska.fi

O.S.A - Organizzazione Sviluppo e integrAzione form Italy:

O.S.A (ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION) is a NGO recognized by Italian Foreign Minister. It was founded in 2004 by a project of men and women (professionals of International Cooperation, Medicine, Communication, Psychology and Pedagogy) who wanted to create a non-profit structure with a high expertise. O.S.A activities are both in Italy and abroad, and it works for development co-operation projects for underdeveloped countries: training courses for schools and italian and foreign citizens; social benefit activities for migrants, young people and women; the promotion of Italian, foreign and European culture. It is organized according to functional areas: Development Cooperation, European Programmes, Training, School, Youth, Social Benefit, and Migrants. The last area is very important and relevant. The area includes the Migrants Services (social, health, legal and job counselling, counselling for women, language training courses for migrants) and collaboration with international and supranational organizations such as I.O.M. (International Organization for Migrations) and UNHCR. The operational headquarters of O.S.A is located in Palermo (Sicily) that is considered a disadvantaged area of Italy from a social and economic point of view. Sicily is a border land among Europe, Asia and Africa. During the last years number of migrants has increased. For the work in support of migrants, OSA has received in 2010 award Friend of family by the Department for Family Policies of the Italian government.In this project, O.S.A want to share its experiences in counselling migrants who have so many problem with integration. The biggest problems are: integration (language problem and different social contest), domestic violence, unemployment, health problems and educating their children in schooling course. We want to share suggestions and best practices to improve a different way of listening and approaching the process of integration of migrants. Our policy will be involving interested people, developing an active citizenship, promoting personal entrepreneurship and pursuing the reciprocal cooperation with a non-formal and informal approach. O.S.A will be responsible for the communication plan throughout the project and will develop social skills and sense of initiative for immigrants.
The Polish Economic Company Plant of the training and the careers guidance LLC:
The Polish Economic Company - Plant of the training and the careers guidance llc. is a company training and advisory about the long-standing tradition. A mission of our company is a social-economic development of the region and educating on the highest level. PTE has an entry in the register of training institutions, vocational training centre and the register of the employment agency. We are propagating running a responsible business socially. We carried out a plan under the title Coming out from the shadow cofinance from European Union funds in frames of the European Social Fund. It was an aim of the project improvement of the situation of Social Economics in the Lublin Province connected with creating and the maintenance of jobs for the persons threatened with the social exclusion in frames. We are conducting the wide and active education of employees employed in different industries. We are also dealing with trainings for persons threatened with the social exclusion, unemployed or being job-hunting. We are promoting the idea of the life-long-learning and we are improving systems and teaching methods of adults. In the current organizational form we are conducting activity from 1991. Over 3000 companies trusted us from entire Poland. Within 20 years of the fruitful work took advantage of our trainings 50 000 of participants. In the project PTE Plant of the training and the careers guidance llc. will be a partner responsible for developing the dissemination plan and development of one of the key competencies: career skills.

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