Open training:

They are intended for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge and develop skills. Training shall be conducted in the form of lectures or workshops. We place special emphasis on efficient and transparent transfer of information, which in turn results in satisfaction of participants. Ewaluacyjnie This is confirmed by the interviews. We organize training throughout the country, one-or several days depending on the complexity of the issue of the matter. Standard chosen by our training places is at the highest level, so that our clients in a comfortable and stress are able to fully delve into the issues of interest to their subjects.

Training in your company (closed): They are designed for companies that want to train their staff, taking into account your personal needs. We are open and ready to negotiate on the subject, place of training and pricing.Our training of the highest quality, confirmed by our references. Flexibility and openness to customer needs is one of the main assumptions in our company. Continuous improvement of the quality of our services is achieved through: The high level of knowledge and excellent teaching staff.Modern education facilities. Systematic improvement of qualifications of its personnel. Selection of efficient methods of training by organizing workshops, courses, seminars and conferences to ensure useful knowledge. The current range of training services reflecting customer demand and based on the best copyright programs. Stable and friendly cooperation with customers and high level training courses. Using the lessons learned from the training participants. Participation in events organized by our various forms of education allows our customers to upgrade and streamline their knowledge and gain new knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in various positions.

Base for several days of training are: Zakopane ,Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River, Sopot, Krynica Gorska, Lublin, Rzeszow, Gdańsk, Poznan, Nałęczów.

Trusted us more than 3000 companies from across the Polish. Over 20 years of fruitful work with our training benefited about 50 000 participants.

The high quality of teaching staff provide cooperating with us: Experts from government offices and ministries,Professors from renowned universities,Tax advisors,AuditorsEmployees of law firms,Practitioners of industrial plants achieving economic success.We hope that you will use our training services, selecting topics for your date. We welcome your call or electronic, and indicating to us the issues that should be included in our training offer.

Polish Economic Society - Department of Economics of Training and Consulting Sp. of o.o. in Lublin seeks to provide high quality training services that help our customers make their knowledge and acquire new knowledge necessary for effective work. The priorities for the PTE - Lublin is both a high professional level and professional organization activities.

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